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Carbon Management
and Climate Change Solutions

Reducing emissions is a journey.

We help our clients quantify the impact that their business has on the environment in which it operates, then take the steps, set the targets, and make the plans to reduce that impact to the lowest possible amount.

elementsix; Your Partner in Your Low Carbon Journey

We provide smart, simple and practical ESG solutions that produce sustainable results

Did you know that by reducing emissions, you save on operating costs and improve your bottom line? 

Our Solutions

Carbon Footprints

Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventorying, organizational and product Carbon Footprints (CFPs), Carbon Accounting and emission reduction consulting

Emission Reduction Projects

Design, registration, investment and funding of emission reduction projects worldwide

Environmental Commodities

Brokering Emission Reductions, Environmental Attributes Certificates and more

Advisory Services

Decarbonization, Emission Reduction, Climate Resilience Consulting and ESG

Measure and report on your ESG impacts with elementsix

We calculate your impacts, create reduction road maps and targets, then design and develop custom impact reports and one-page snapshots for all of your stakeholder communication needs

We believe that preserving nature can still be done in parallel with the ambitions of even the most profit-driven companies. It can strengthen social protection, lead to employment creation while bolstering investor confidence and impacting your bottom line.

We offer

Turnkey Carbon Management Solutions

Smart, Data Driven and Research Focused

Expert Support and

Building a Sustainable Future

The scarcity of resources and the impact of their use mean that the infrastructure, products and services of tomorrow will have to be radically different. We help organisations succeed in this transition

We Simplify The Process For You

At each stage of your journey we are here to help you achieve your climate goals.



your company’s carbon footprint and climate impact



your impact through smart emission reduction and energy efficiency measures



your unavoidable emissions through elementsix’s network of emission reduction projects and schemes around the world

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Our ESG consultants are specialized in integrated carbon footprint management and climate change solutions. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Why Now?

It can be difficult to stay ahead of the competition as more and more companies embrace sustainable strategies to captivate their audiences.


Employees are looking for employers that think and act sustainably


Customers and buyers prefer carbon neutral brands and businesses


Investors continue to shift towards future-oriented businesses


Climate regulations will impact the way you conduct business

Sustainability and Innovation

We help companies become carbon neutral through internationally recognized frameworks and standards and our global network of emission reduction projects.

Our Partners

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To aid companies to effectively and efficiently transition their business to a sustainable and carbon neutral model, reducing their negative impact on the environment and society and contributing to the sustainable development of the economy in which they operate.

Our Clients

Johnson & Johnson
Virgin Enterprises Limited
Net Zero Pakistan

Partnering with elementsix was extremely important to our journey toward developing greater sustainability practices within our restaurant. We knew that without accurate measurement through a personalized and tailored assessment of our business, we would not be able to understand where we stood in terms of our carbon emissions. The experience and knowledge of elementsix helped us tremendously in these assessments and in developing plans for change that would bring us the greatest impact.

Omar Shihab - Owner, BOCA Restaurant, Dubai

Our Product

The elementsix Carbon
Management System (E6CMS)


Uncover your biggest emission drivers to take effective action


Gain actionable insights & compare yourself to other players in your industry


Reduce the effort and time to calculate your carbon footprint

The elementsix Carbon Management System

We simplify the entire process for you

Achieve your carbon neutral goals today

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