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Air Quality &
Emissions Management

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Air Quality Monitoring

Air quality monitoring is crucial for local authorities as well as for major industries to be aware of air pollution in order to prevent or to mitigate it.

Our specialists can conduct environmental monitoring of ambient air quality or stack emissions in order to assess compliance with relevant limits and standards. Our air quality monitoring services include monitoring of dust, combustion gases and process emissions.

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Supply, Installation, Operation and Maintenance of Air Quality Monitoring Stations

A fully integrated hardware and software system can provide a well-secured 24/7 real-time remote air quality monitoring. Onsite installation and commissioning process is done by highly trained service engineers. Once a system is installed and integrated, elementsix offers continued preventive maintenance and calibration of the monitoring instruments as well as data analysis and reporting.
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Air Dispersion Modelling

As per international best practice, at facility level, impacts are estimated through quantitative assessments using atmospheric dispersion models to estimate ground level concentrations. Local meteorological and air quality data are applied when modelling dispersion and the influence of downwash effects of the source, nearby structures, and terrain features.

Main objectives of air dispersion modelling:

·   Identify key sources associated with emissions to air
·   Formulate air quality modelling scenarios based on the study requirement
·   Prepare a detailed emission inventory
·   Estimate ground level concentration within the potentially impacted airshed, and at all  sensitive receptors
·   Assess compliance with respect to applicable regulation.

We simplify the entire process for you

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